Les Salutations: GREETINGS

When talking to one’s peers or to children, Salut is used as a greeting. It’s English equivalent would be hey and hello. Bonjour, literally meaning Good day, should be use for anyone else. Bonsoir, literally meaning Good Evening, should be use after 7p.m. Bonne Nuit is used to say Good Night before going to bed.

how to say hey, hello in French?
French GreetingsEnglish Greetings
Comment ça va?How are you?
EnchantéeNice to meet you.
BonjourGood Morning/Hello
Bonne NuitGood Night
Pas grand-chose.Not much.
Bonne SoiréeGood Evening
Quoi de neuf?What’s up?
Bon après-midiGood Afternoon
Je t’en prie/ Je vous en prieYou’re welcome!
Il n’y a pas de quoi!It doesn’t matter!
s’il te plaît/ s’il vous plaîtPlease
Vous allez bien? / Comment allez-vous?Are you good? / How are you doing?
comme si comme çaSo.. so..!
ça va mal!
pas mal
Not good/ Not bad.


In addition to being used as an informal greeting, Salut is also used to say bye. But it should only be used among friends. Another informal greeting used is ciao, an Italian word commonly used in France. Au Revoir, is the only formal way to say Good-bye. If you will be meeting someone again soon, use À bientôt or À tout à l’heure. À demain is used if you are going to meet the person the following day.

How to say good-bye in French.
French Good-byeEnglish Good-bye
Au RevoirGood-bye
À demainSee you tomorrow
À bientôtSee you soon
À tout à l’heureSee you (later today)!
À la ProchaineSee you (tomorrow)!
Au Revoir, À demain. Bye, See you tomorrow.
TchaoBye/ cheers!
À plus tardSee you later!
Gros bisouBig kisses!
Embrasse-moikiss me!

Experience the warmth of French culture with authentic greetings. From “Bonjour” to “Au revoir,” master the art of saying hello and goodbye en français.

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