As a language learner myself, I know how scary speaking a foreign language can be. However, it doesn't matter learning French for months, yet struggling to understand locals or real buzz. You need to practice French Realbuzz conversations.

Well, it's not required to live in France to learn a language, and neither does it require the language-learning gene to be fluent in French.

Though certain study materials are online, you may find many videos, websites, apps, links, and whatnot. But it might not be helpful to all. A synchronized technique is required to understand every bit of it. Most apps are great at teaching the basics but they don't prepare you to speak like a native or even understand it.


Bonjour! I'm Pragya Jain I'm an Indian living in Delhi and the founder of FRENCH REALBUZZ who's in love with French and France, just like you might be. I write most of the French blogs and lessons you will find on FrenchRealbuzz. When I started learning the language from the very basics, I was in school. All the people around me wondered why I opted for French for my further studies as an additional subject to academics as it's true to the fact Indians are more inclined to American or British English than why French. During that phase of time, there was no such content online, and also offline teachings like tuition were quite expensive to afford. At that time, learning a language sounded like a complex process, all about grammar books and endless lessons... My passion to know more about French Culture, Food & Fashion, and The Language helped me make more progress day by day. I had fun doing it. So from that point, I developed a feeling to continue it further. After passing my Advanced exams in French at Delhi University, I decided to take it ahead as my carrier and help those who are helpless with great resources. Also, connect to new audiences through my knowledge and growing together. After an amazing experience teaching French to my classmates, and watching them score well, I created FRENCH REALBUZZ to help more people using a proven method and lots of authentic French content that you may develop an interest in. I love sharing the things I have learned about French, Francophone culture, and French history and learning more in the process.