Qu’est-ce que c’est/ Qui est-ce: What is it/ Who is this

Qu’est-ce que c’est means “What is this/ What is it/ What is that?” It’s French Expression, which translates to “What is this that it is” and is often used to say “What…?” at the beginning of sentences.

It is used to find out about the objects or animals/birds. And to respond to this question/expression one uses “C’est un (nom)” which means “It is a (noun).”

Note: The indefinite article modifies as per the gender and number of the noun. For e.g.-

  • C’est un livre.
  • C’est une chemise.
  • Ce sont des oiseaux.

Remember: The response of this expression has the defined formation (Ce+ être+ un/une/des+nom).

Qui est-ce means ”who is this/these”. It is also a French Expression that is used to ask ”who the person is”.

It is used to find out about the identity of a person/people.

In response, one can talk about their profession, nationality, gender, name of a person, etc. E.g.

  • Il est Indien.
  • Ils sont mes amis.
  • Elle est enseignante.
  • C’est un garçon.

Note: When ”qui” is used with any vowel, it cannot be contracted. This is because it changes the pronunciation of the word and also changes the meaning of the sentence which is not natural and hence difficult to articulate. It makes the sentence ungrammatical also.

Both of these phrases are adaptable and frequently used in casual conversation to learn more or clarify specifics about something or someone. They are crucial for communicating in French because they let you ask questions about the things and people you meet.

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