La Ponctuation: Punctuation

The right use of French punctuation is necessary for writing and formatting in the French language. There are various variations and particular rules to remember while using punctuation in French, despite the fact that many punctuation marks are comparable to those in English. These are some significant points about French punctuation:

& esperluette, et
,virgule!point d’exclamation
{ }accolades>supérieur à
apostrophe<inférieur à
*astérisquemoins, tiret, trait d’union
~tilde( )paranthèses
<< >>guillemets%pourcent
\barre oblique inverse.point
[ ]crochets+plus
:deux points#dièse
;point virgule?point d’interrogation
@arobase/barre oblique

Please Note:

French punctuation symbols function quite similarly to English punctuation marks and have the same meaning. The quote marks are the only punctuation mark that is absent in French; they are substituted by the guillemets in the previously mentioned table.

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