Apprendre à Indiquer l’Heure- TELLING TIME

Telling time is very essential for effective communication and it will help you become more comfortable and accurate when telling time in French. Now let us get into the depth of it to better understand.

In French, “il est” is used to express time, though it is translated as “he is” it actually means “it is” (as it’s impersonal “il”). Also it is very important to use “heures” when referring to the time. In English, it is fine to say “it’s nine” but this will not make sense in this case.

For example: il est huit heures. (It’s 8 o’clock)

Ref. to the example- It is started with “il est” and “heures” is used to refer the time.


Well, you can simply quote one sentence to ask what time is it.

  • Quelle heure est-il?
  • Quelle heure il est?

From the above Clock, we can tell the time very quickly and accurately. Let us understand what it says by the words like et quart, moins le quart, et demie, etc.

In English we say it’s “Twelve past fifteen/quarter or It’s noon and a quarter”, similarly, we say that in French, and for that we use “et quart” so the timing that we say when asked or when to express, we will say- Il est midi et quart (12h15).

Le Temps- THE TIME

12hil est midi.
12h15 il est midi et quart.
12h30il est midi et demie.
00hil est minuit.
7h00il est sept heures.
7h10il est sept heures dix.
7h15il est sept heures et quart. / il est sept heures quinze.
7h30il est sept heures et demie. / il est sept heures trente.
7h40il est sept heures moins vingt. / il est sept heures quarante.
7h45il est sept heures moins le quart. / il est sept heures trois quarts. / il est sept heures quarante-cinq.

L’heure relatif- TIMES OF DAY

le midinoon / mid-day
la nuit night
le matinmorning
le lever du jourthe daybreak / the rise of the day
le lever du soleil sunrise / the rise of the sun
le soleil levantrising sun
…du matinA.M. (meaning: of the morning)
hier matinyesterday morning
le soirevening
…du soirP.M. (meaning: of the evening)
le coucher du soleilsunset

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